About Us

The McLeod family has been in the RV Development industry for 30 years. They own campgrounds in both Washington state and California. Their mission is to provide safe and affordable vacations in the great outdoors. Kraig and Ann Marie McLeod have three children, Lauren (Tyler), Kraig (Micah) , and Evan, and grandchildren, Hayden and Charlotte. They live an active lifestyle and enjoy golfing, skiing, and hiking.

Silver Ridge Ranch is a labor of love for the McLeod family and they are excited to make it your home. We hope that you, your friends, co-workers, and families will plan an outing to Silver Ridge and check out all the fun. Whether you are an avid horseback rider, snow skier, hiker, or just want to relax while taking in the surrounding beauty of Silver Ridge, we have something for everyone.

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